Drain Unblocking in Cheshire Drains, Toilets and Pipes Unblocked

Jet Cleaning Cheshire

We Specialise in jet cleaning and pressure washing of paths, driveways, patios, concrete and tarmac. We also provide a jet washing service for commercial customers where we can clean industrial units, external walls and factory floors. We cover all of Cheshire for jet cleaning including Chester and Crewe. We use the latest modern equipment to rid your surfaces from moss, mould, weeds, grime and dirt.

Pressure Washing Chester & Crewe

We carry out pressure washing jobs throughout Cheshire on a regular basis. As well as having decades of experience we use the latest techniques to clean your floors and walls. Where ever possible we will use eco-friendly cleaning methods and revolutionary rotary surface equipment can clean even the dirtiest of surfaces using water alone at a very high pressure. This is a vital piece of machinery for a pressure washing company that enables the cleaning of the surface in a safe manner and without leaving streaks and lines. We do have the traditional lance for cleaning but where possible we will use a rotary surface machine to protect the integrity of the floor structure. We are highly trained in the use of high pressure jet machines and we go out of our way to protect any surroundings.
  • Professional Trained & insured to carry out all pressure washing jobs

  • Safety We only use water if possible and work to risk assessments

  • Certifed We hold & carry all the relevant paperwork and certificates

  • Equipment Only the latest and up to date equipment and methods used

Graffiti Removal Service

We offer a mobile self contained graffiti removal service. All vans are fitted with the latest in high pressure water units and the also the best quality graffiti removal products. As a result these mobile units, working along with our highly trained and qualified operators can be at your site removing the graffiti on a same day basis. Our graffiti removal teams are trained in the importance of not using any chemical solutions where possible in the preparations to remove the spray paint, marker pens, oil or grime on your walls and surfaces. Where possible we apply steam and high pressure to remove the problem before chemicals are considered. Of course in the cleaning process there will be waste generated and we take great pride in containing and disposing any waste correctly. If needed some graffiti issues will be cleaned from your wall or floor surfaces by hand in order to protect any sensitive or valuable surrounding objects or areas. We always take great care in the preparation beforehand and we have all the relevant insurance and safety documentation in place. COSHH data sheets and risk assessments can be provided and we only use the recommended chemicals if needed.

What Can We Remove Graffiti From!


Office Walls - Factory Walls - Factory Floors - Bus Stations - Bus Stops - Railway Stations - Shop Fronts


Stone - Brick - Concrete - Tarmac - Metal - Glass - Windows - Doors - Wood - Timber- Plastic - UPVC
Local Rate 01270 382092 Mob 07429 485098
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